von der Druckerei German Shepherd Dogs 
PAM SG Ike vom Dolderbrunnen
"a" normal HD, OFA normal ED, ZW 78
OFA DM Carrier

D.O.B.  December 24th, 2001
Ike is enjoying retirement

I imported Ike as a puppy from Germany from Ulf's mentor Manfred Voigt, Ike was born on a working sheep farm there.  Manfred kept from that breeding Ike's brother Imax, competing in a "Traditional Style" national herding competition in France with him in 2008.  Ike's mother Bonnie vom Dolderbrunnen was vice winner of the National Herding Competition in 1998 with a V score of 98.  Bonnie's sister Bea was owned by Ulf in the U.S.A. and was his foundation bitch for kennel vom Quasliner Moor.  Ike was the first dog that I titled in HGH Herding and also Schutzhund becoming one of only a handful of H.O.T. GSD's in the states with a HGH and SchH3 title.

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